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figuring out my natural hair one mystery at a time!

I've been away...

By Curlock Holmes · March 18, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hey all,

I meant to write a post earlier, but I keep forgetting. (Thanks A-typical for the comment). I haven't been posting here because, well... I am just too sick of hair right now! There was a point in January where I just stopped reading hair blogs, stopped looking at product reviews, stopped trying out new routines and stopped trying styles that take too long to do. It was very sudden, and very thorough. All of this meant I had no interest or inclination to keep my blog up.

So two months later, and the "I'm sick of this!" feelings are milder, but I'm still pretty disinterested. A good part of this probably has to do with the fact that no matter what I do to my hair, I still have breakage, damage, etc etc.. so if it's going to happen either way, why worry and spend the time on it? Especially when I've got more pressing matters (FINDING A JOB) on my mind.

So anyways, that's really the reason I haven't been posting, and I don't know when or if I'll start again. If I do it will probably be very sporadicly. I hope you all are doing well on your journeys, and I'll be sure to check in on your blogs from time to time!



Get Fit Week 4: Jan 23-29

By Curlock Holmes · January 31, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Jan 31 Weight: 149.2 lb

Change in Weight: +2.0 lb ( -0.6 total)

Week Recap:

This was the week that I actually DID exercise- I danced both Wednesday and Thursday for about half an hour each. It was fun, so I know I can continue to do that again. This weekend I was in Milwaukee and any health-conscious eating went totally out the window. But it was totally worth it. I didn't try to stuff myself, and I even threw out half of a 'like it' portion of Coldstone ice cream because I was full and didn't want to overdo it. We'll see if any improvements happen next week.



Finally: A hair Update

By Curlock Holmes · January 27, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I wouldn't say I've been neglecting my hair, but I've definitely been in a "low maintenance" state of mind recently. My hair has been braided up for the past 2 days (and not cute braids either.. big box braids, that are only suitable for braid-outs, hidden under a hat when I need to leave the house).

As far as products go, I'm enjoying the DC I'm using (I think I've mentioned the name before, but it escapes me now... it's not Lustrasilk, but its....somethingsilk.. Oh! Silk Elements!) mixed with castor oil, and using "its a 10" leave in and castor oil with heat. The heat is CRUCIAL here. I don't know what it is, but it makes my hair silky, and bouncy, and it kind of works out all the little kinks so my hair is smoother, and it keeps moisture for days without help.

I think it's magic.

I've also learned that I probably just need to give up on shea butter. My shea mix that I used to seal my hair (after re-moisturizing) has left it a little rough, so I'm going to have to remoisturize again tomorrow night.

In other news, I'm going out of town this weekend to meet up with some college buddies, and I'm very excited! It also means that all decent eating habits (as well as my trend of not drinking) will be going out the window. Weigh in this week may be a scary experience!!

Okay, peace out ladies!


Get Fit Week 3: Jan 16- 22

By Curlock Holmes · January 26, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Jan 22 Weight: 147.2 lb

Change in Weight: -2.2 lb ( -2.6 total)


Another fit club fluke, I tell ya! I definitely ate better this week, but exercise was nil besides some mall walking and snow shoveling. I have just realized that I hate the treadmill, and cold weather. So what's a girl to do? I would occasionally walk around the neighborhood when the weather was nice, but I'm not even trying to think about that when the temp is below freezing. I've decided that instead of trying to walk on the treadmill 3 times a week, 30 min each time, I may just turn on the radio, and dance around like a crazy person for 15-20 minutes 5 times a week. It's better than nothing, and I enjoy it way more than treadmill time.


Haha, I also must give thanks to A-typical Girl, for kicking me in the butt and MAKING me post this today, because I won't lie, I would have just skipped right over this and onto week 4 :)



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Get Fit Week 2: Jan 9-15

By Curlock Holmes · January 16, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

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Jan 16 Weight: 149.4

Change in Weight: +1.4 lbs (-0.4 from start)


I'm not even going to go into details on this week.... For meals I did fairly well, but when it came time to desserts/snacks? Things got a little out of control for about half the week. And then I stupidly got on the scale on Wednesday and it said 153 lbs.. I nearly lost my mind! It being 'that time of month' did not help anything. Not going to beat myself up- just going to do better next week!


  1. NO motivation to exercise.
  2. Emotional eating


Hope y'all did better than I did!




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Quick Hair Update

By Curlock Holmes · January 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I have not been in the posting mood lately, but I figured I should make a note of whats been going on with the ol' mop lately.

I washed my hair this past Tuesday... well, let me elaborate:

  • I hot oiled with a mix of olive, coconut (my hair dislikes this, but I'd figure I'd try it), jojoba, and castor oil. After 25 minutes with a heat cap, my hair felt pretty good.
  • Shampooed with Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo... my hair dislikes this. Remind me not to repurchase.
  • DC'ed with Silk Elements deep conditioner mixed with castor oil... after 30 minutes with heat, my hair felt very nice. This is a good, cheap condish (normally $10 for a generous jar, $6 when on sale at Sally's).
  • Added 'It's a 10' leave in and castor oil.


This is where things got interesting... I decided I was going to blow dry my hair. Don't ask me where this idea came from. I quickly realized that I am completely unable to blow dry my hair like a normal person. Trying to use the blow dryer, AND brush my hair, AND trying not to tug on my hair too much only resulted in me 'normally' blow drying one section, and then subsequently dropping the blow dryer on the (tile) floor and breaking off chunks of the back of the dryer... lesson? learned.

I instead decided to do what I like to call the "pull & dry".. which is exactly how it sounded. I stretched my hair with my left hand, and blow dried with warm air on the right, while slowly moving my left hand down the section.. if that makes sense. My hair was detangled very well, so while it didn't give me a super-stretched, semi-straight look, I did have 95% dried hair that was partially stretched. Good enough. The whole thing took me about an hour, and I put my hair in twists and called it a day.

So, it's Sunday morning (1:30 AM, to be exact)... and my hair is still soft and moisturized. WHAT? I think this is partially because my hair has not been exposed to the cold air since washing it (wearing a hat outside, and I've been in protective styles all week), and maybe that leave-in I used is somewhat heat-activated. I'm honestly stumped, but definitely not complaining.

I lost a LOT of hair during this wash session, but I didn't even bother to check for breakage... I know it's there. Me combing through a ball of hair trying to count bulbs isn't going to change that. I used a comb that really smoothes out my hair and removes all my shed hair, and I hadn't used that in over a month (maybe 2), so.... I'm using that as justification.

What else...

Oh! I finally made flax seed gel this week. It is just as slimy and goopy as it looks on YouTube. I tried it out on the front of my hair, it definitely wasn't as moisturizing as I figured it would be. There was some crunch, but I *think* that wore off by the end of the day. I've got a small jar of it that I'll be playing around with.


Hope all is well with you lovely ladies!


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Week 1: Jan 2- Jan 8

By Curlock Holmes · January 9, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

(picture from pleaseenjoy.com)

JAN 8 WEIGHT: 148.0



Monday: Didn't do a good job of eating 3 meals... I had 'breakfast' for lunch (a piece of toast and a small piece of bacon), and didn't eat a meal again until dinner (homemade chicken tortilla soup). For dessert I had 3 small ginger snap cookies (about 70 calories, total). Did not exercise.

Tuesday: Oatmeal for breakfast, no lunch, soup for dinner, and a 'snack' of some fries and a *tiny* piece of fried catfish. I had a piece of peppermint bark for dessert. Did not exercise.

Wednesday: veggie sausage patty, scrambled egg, and toast. Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, burned 200 calories. Dinner was a stuffed bell pepper with salad. Dessert was a cupcake and a cookie. Was (legitly) hungry later on so ate some rosemary wheat crackers.

Thursday: raisin bran crunch for breakfast (bleck... too sweet). Lunch was a mini-cheeseburger, Dinner was half a stuffed pepper, a few bites of steak, and butternut squash. Dessert was a cupcake and 4 ginger snaps. Did not exercise.

Friday: 2 Nutrigrain waffles for breakfast, a PBJ on a Bagel Thin for lunch. baked beans and hot dog for dinner. I think I had ginger snaps for dessert, can't remember. No exercise.

Saturday: 1/2 banana, toast for breakfast. 1/2 biscuit as 'snack'. Turkey + cheese on sandwich thin for lunch. 2 small pieces of pizza and small bowl of soup for dinner. 6 ginger snaps for dessert. Rosemary raisin crackers as snack. No exercise.



  1. Drinking Water
  2. Taking Vitamins
  3. Some days the sweet tooth and snacking got the best of me.
  4. Exercising... I have little motivation to get on that treadmill.
  5. It's hard eating healthy when people around you are ordering pizza =X



  1. No boredom snacking
  2. Eating (mostly) relatively healthy meals



I'm honestly shocked that I lost a pound this week, let alone two! I'm assuming that this is part fluke, and part 'me-watching-portion-sizes-better'. This week I will tackle my challenge #4- motivating myself to exercise, hopefully by finding some fun ways of doing so. I also need to find some toning exercises to do that don't require equipment.


*Challenge Note*: You guys don't have to post what you ate or anything like that if you don't want to. I do it because writing it down helps me to pinpoint days where I overdid it foodwise, underdid it exercisewise, and also makes me think twice about jumping back into that fridge or stuffing a few extra cookies in my mouth, haha. Just write down what you think is going to help you do better in the next week. I think 'Needs work', 'Did well', and 'Reflections' are good places to start. Or you can do as I did and write everything down. Whatever works for you!

Looking forward to reading other 'Get Fit' Club members' posts!


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Genie Locs/ Yarn Braids

By Curlock Holmes · January 6, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I've only been introduced to them recently-- YTer MsVCharles does them a lot, and while I always thought hers looked great, I never really envisioned the style for myself.


Until I ran across YTer Prettypoison27.


<object height="385" width="480" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/q0JpF3gcBEc?fs=1&hl=en_US&color1=0xcc2550&color2=0xe87a9f" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/q0JpF3gcBEc?fs=1&hl=en_US&color1=0xcc2550&color2=0xe87a9f" /> <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /> </object>

Her yarn braids are FIERCE! I love everything about them- the thickness, the crinkles, even the length ( although I'd do mine shoulder length, as I am both lazy AND SL hair looks best on me). I'm seriously considering doing them on myself. My only concerns are that I've never tried to do braid extensions, but it couldn't hurt to try, right? The other concern is time, but I'm figuring that it makes more sense to try to do this than to do another 5-hour set of mini-twists, which only look good on me for about a week before they start to lose volume/frizz.

Have any of you tried genie locs? What was your 'sperience?


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OPERATION Get Fit: 2011

By Curlock Holmes · January 2, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


Weight: 149.8 lbs

Weigh-in Time: 1:00 PM on Sundays

Height: 5'5"

BMI: 25


Weight: 130-135 lbs

Deadline: July 2011 (1 lb/week)


  1. 1. Make sure to eat breakfast lunch and dinner...
  • Breakfast: cereal, oatmeal, yogurt + fruit, or a healthy (homemade) baked good, ie bran muffins.
  • Lunch: Sandwich (light on things like mayo and cheese), fruit, soup, veggies
  • Dinner: 'Normal' foods, in smaller portions
  • Snacks: Fruit, veggies, small salad,
  • Dessert: none, OR fruit with sugar/whipped cream, OR a small piece of chocolate + peanut butter, OR small portions
  1. 2.  Exercise at least 3 times a week...
  • Walking on the treadmill 30-40 minutes
  • Wii Fit
  • Exercise videos on Netflix (dance, pilates, etc)
  1. 3. Drink more water (at least 2L per day) + take multi-vitamins



  • Getting bored with my meals: I will combat this by buying different fruits and veggies, and looking up healthy recipes to try out and switching things up.
  • Mostly I cook dinner for my family, which means I can't really make the healthy things that I want: I will combat this by eating smaller portions, AND/OR cooking a meal for myself that I can eat throughout the week.
  • I love.. love LOVE dessert: I will combat this by trying to enjoy it in small portions, and not everyday (I hope, haha)
  • Eating from boredom/for the taste of something: I will combat this by drinking a glass of water whenever I feel this way, to see if it's hunger or just boredom.
  • I don't like exercise: I will combat this by switching up 'regular' exercises with things that I enjoy, like dance exercise or Wii fit.


I'll be posting once a week detailing:

  • Weight lost that week
  • Things that went well
  • Things that I should work on


If you're interested, do a post similar to this one (Operation Get Fit in the title). The point will be to motivate one another, to share things that may help others in the 'fit club', and perhaps learn some things that will help you out too!

Until next time,


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Happy New Year!

By Curlock Holmes · January 1, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Welcome, ya'll, to 2011! I figured I'd start the year off with some goals that I want to attain for this year, and maybe beyond:

  1. I want to lose 15-20 pounds by July... and keep them off, indefinitely. I plan on doing this by a) eating healthier foods b) exercising at least 3x a week and c) reducing the amount of sugar I eat (and boy, do I love my sugar)... I can't say I won't eat it, but if I do I will do it in small portions.
  2. Drink more water + take my vitamins regularly.
  3. Read more.. I got a Kindle for Christmas, so I'd love to read at least 2 books a month at minimum. I also want to start reading the newspaper and get caught up on current events.
  4. Try to be positive moving forward= being thankful for the things that go right in my life, and not letting the bad ruin my outlook. I've had some major setbacks this year, and it's been hard to see the good when things are constantly being taken from me. But, I will try to see the sunnier sides of 2011.
  5. Find another job to replace the one that been indefinitely postponed.
  6. Find an apartment after said job has been found.
  7. Reconnect with old friends... since moving back home I've been a bit of a hermit, because 1. I don't live near any of my old HS friends 2. Driving is impractical, parking is expensive/hard to find/I suck at parallel parking and  3. I hate public transportation, and it takes forever to get anywhere. I must do better.
  8. Since I am currently jobless (well, sorta), I must find some activities/temporary job/volunteer things to do to occupy my time (and add to my resume).
  9. Ok.. finally some Hair Goals!! I want to grow out the damage that I currently have, so I plan on doing mini-trims every month until it's minimized/negligible.
  10. Hopefully I will gain 5-6 inches of growth in 2011. My assumption is that all but 4 inches of my hair have some sort of damage going on. Which means that at the end of 2011, I should have 9-10 inches of (HEALTHY!!) hair, total. *crosses fingers*
  11. I will continue DCing weekly, trying to incorporate protective styles such as twists, and babying my hair. I probably will NOT try to straighten my hair again this year, with the possible exception of my best friend's wedding in August.


Okay, so that's 11 goals for 2011-- I'll definitely be posting about the hair related ones (DUH) and probably my weight loss ones as well. I'll probably do a weekly post for that one. Oh, and if any of you would like to join me on that, feel free! We could have a virtual 'fit club', and Lord knows I could use the motivation.

Until next time,


Stay fly,


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